2021 Interior Paint Trends Released

I love color and keeping up with paint color trends!

 It’s fun to see how each major paint company translates the color trends of the year, and how those trends correlate or translate to interior design trends.  Behr, Sherwin Williams and PPG have already started to predict and release the hot colors for 2021.  The resonating theme of these top 3 brands is balance, comfort, peace and flow in our new unpredictable normal.  Nonetheless, it’s always fun to take our cues from the trends, using these as accent colors for that cozy guest room, or to create a dramatic office space!

PPG’s 2021 Paint Palette of the year incorporates oatmeal, ginger and blue.  All of these can compliment the grays… (yes I said gray will again trend for 2021).   

Sherwin Williams released their 2021 Colormix Forecast reinforcing “Rhythm is the secret to how the natural world stays in step. The same sense of balance applies to our personal sense of nature through how we live”.  With 4 different palettes; Sanctuary, Continuum, Tapestry and Encounter, If Sherwin Williams is right, “grays, muted blues, soft pinks, and whites” will soon be showing up everywhere.

Lastly, we have the predicted trends for Behr who based their color palette on “colors to elevate your comfort zone”.  The Casual Palette features warm neutrals in earthy tones while soothing blues and greens make up the Calm Palette offering peace and solace.  Tinted pastels in pink and blue bring soft pops of color to the Subtle Palette while the Quiet Haven palette makes a bold expressive statement with dark greens, blues and grays.  If you’re that person that loves eclectic color, then the Optimistic Palette is for you in oranges, purples, teals and blues. This palette will bring the fun and personality to any room!

One thing is for certain in this time of uncertainty, we need to take time for ourselves: re-balancing and prioritizing our health… whether that be physical or mental.  Color is a part of our mood; we feel it rather than think it.  Let it be an inspiration to you when to create the perfect space!

Cathy Di Leo

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